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Speaker:Prof.Qing-Yu Cai
Title:Vacuum energy, quantum potential and dark energy
When:Nov. 10th, 16:00
Where:Classroom 5206
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String Cosmology, Flux Compactification and String Landscape, non-BPS Brane dynamics etc.

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Vacuum energy, quantum potential and dark energy.
Speaker:Prof.Qing-Yu Cai,WIPM,CAS
When:Nov. 10th, 16:00
Where:Classroom 5207

Parametrizing baryon asymmetry by neutrino mass matrix.
Speaker:Prof. Pei-Hong Gu,Shanghai Jiao Tong University
When:Nov. 9th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Some applications of integral geometry in AdS/CFT correspondence.
Speaker:Prof. Xing Huang, Northwest University
When:Nov. 2nd, 15:00
Where:ICTS 613

Anti-proton and indirect detections of dark matter.
Speaker:Prof. Yu-Feng Zhou,ITP,CAS
When:Oct.26th, 15:00
Where:ICTS 613

Bound state, virtual state, resonant state and the Friedrichs model.
Speaker:Prof. Zhi-Guang Xiao,ICTS,USTC
When:Oct.19th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Rotating charged AdS black hole solutions in gauged supergravities.
Speaker:Prof. Shuang-Qing Wu,China West Normal University 
When:Oct.12th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

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