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Speaker:Prof.Chang-Pu Sun
Title: Dark Information of Black Hole Radiation
When:April 18, 15:30
Where:Classroom 5306
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String Cosmology, Flux Compactification and String Landscape, non-BPS Brane dynamics etc.

Last Updated: 2019-6-19


Strong Interaction and Holography.
Speaker:Prof. Shigeki Sugimoto ( Kyoto University)
When:June 28, 16:00
Where:Classroom 5206

2 dim QED and String Theory.
Speaker:Prof.Shigeki Sugimoto,Kyoto University
When:June 27, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Scattering in AdS and Its Flat Spacetime Limit.
Speaker:Prof.Ellis Yuan,
Zhejiang University
When:June 20, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Subsystem Trace Distance in Conformal Field Theory .
Speaker:Dr.Jiaju Zhang,SISSA
When:June 14, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Precision Higgs Physics at LHC and Higgs Factories .
Speaker:Prof. Lilin Yang,Peking University
When:June 13, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Towards the Understanding of Big Bang Singularity from Loop Quantum Gravity.
Speaker:Prof. Anzhong Wang (Zhejiang University of Technology & Baylor University)
When:June 11, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613



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