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Speaker:Prof. Ren-Xin Xu
Title:Strangeon Matter
When:Dec.22, 16:00
Where:Classroom 1222
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String Cosmology, Flux Compactification and String Landscape, non-BPS Brane dynamics etc.

Last Updated: 2018-3-13


Gravitational Wave: a probe to the early universe.
Speaker:Prof.Qing-Guo Huang,ITP CAS
When: Mar.15th,, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Gravitational waves from the early universe.
Speaker:Prof.Zong-Kuan Guo,ITP CAS
When: Mar.8th,, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

An example of non-AdS holography.
Speaker:Dr.Yang Lei,ITP CAS
When: Mar.1st,, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Primordial black holes from ultra-slow-roll inflation.
Speaker:Prof.Yun-Gui Gong,Huazhong University of Science and Technology
When: Jan. 11th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Large scale structure as  a particle physics collider.
Speaker:Prof. Haipeng An,Tsinghua University
When: Jan. 4th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

An experimental possibility for exploring extra dimension(s) and for testing string theory.
Prof. Jian-Xin Lu, ICTS,USTC
Dec. 29, 15:00
Classroom 5303

Strangeon Matter.
Speaker:Prof. Ren-Xin Xu,   School of  Physics, Peking University
When:Dec. 22, 16:00
Where:Classroom 1222

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