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Speaker:Prof.Cai-Dian Lv,IHEP.CAS
Title:Search for new physics signals in rare B decays
When:June 2 16:00
Where:Classroom 5207
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String Cosmology, Flux Compactification and String Landscape, non-BPS Brane dynamics etc.

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Holographic Weyl semimetals.
Speaker:Prof. Yan Liu,Beihang University
When:June 29th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Black Holes and Their Thermodynamics in Gravitational Theories without Lorentz Symmetry.
Speaker:Prof. Anzhong Wang,Baylor University & Zhejiang University of Technology
When:June 22nd, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Standard Model Background of the Cosmological Collider.
Speaker:Dr. Zhong-Zhi Xianyu,Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Harvard University
When:June 15th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

OVertex algebra, quantum master equation and integrable hierarchy.
Speaker:Prof. Si Li,Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University
When:June 8th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

On CFT dual of string in $AdS_3 \times S^3 \times S^3\times S^1 $.
Speaker:Prof. Wei Li,ITP CAS
When:June 6th, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Search for new physics signals in rare B decays.
Speaker: Prof.Cai-Dian Lv,IHEP.CAS
When:June 2 16:00
Where:Classroom 5207


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