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Speaker:Prof.Zheng-Yu Weng
Title:Novel many-body quantum effect in doped Mott insulators/high-Tc cuprates
When:Oct.12 , 16:00
Where:Classroom 5205
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String Cosmology, Flux Compactification and String Landscape, non-BPS Brane dynamics etc.

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Higgs boson and its friends.
Speaker:Prof.Hao Zhang,IHEP, CAS
When:Oct.18, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Novel many-body quantum effect in doped Mott insulators/high-Tc cuprates.
Speaker:Prof.Zheng-Yu Weng,Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University
When:Oct.12, 16:00
Where:Classroom 5205

Maximal transcendentality principle from two-loop Higgs amplitudes.
Speaker:Prof.Gang Yang, ITP,CAS
When:Oct.11, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

Recent progress of quantum integrable model.
Speaker:Prof.Yu-Peng Wang,Institute of Physics CAS
When:Sep.28, 16:00
Where:Classroom 5205

Cosmology and large-scale structure of the Universe.
Speaker:Prof.Xiao-Dong Li,SYSU
When:Sep.27, 14:30
Where:ICTS 613

padic ads cft and tensor network II : embedding in a cs theory.
Speaker:Prof. Janet Hung,Fudan University
When: Sep.25, 16:00
Where:ICTS 613

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