Prof. Jianxin Lu (USTC): The Matrix description of M-theory 2022-06-02
Prof.Zhi-Zhong Xing(IHEP, CAS):Neutrino Physics 2007-5-28-- 2007-05-28
Prof.Yi-Hong Gao (ITP, CAS):Introduction to Perturbative String Theory and Supersymmetry, 2005-10-11--2005-11-15 2005-10-11
Jnanadeva Maharana(Sachivalaya Marg Institute, India): Duality in String Theory 2004-08-25,27,29 2004-08-25
Yi-Zhi Huang(Rutgers of University): On superconformal field theories (I-V) 2004-01-08--2004-01-12 2004-01-07
Rong-Gen Cai(ITP, CAS):The story of the AdS black hole, 2003-09-20--2003-09-22 2003-09-22
DeHai Zhang(GS, CAS): Lectures on Foundation of Cosmology, 2003-08-27--2003-09-08 2003-09-08
Hong Lu(Texas A&M University): Conformal Field Theory and String Theory£¬ 2003-06-11--2003-07-04 2003-06-10
Chuan-Jie Zhu(ITP, CAS): Topics in Super Yang-Mills Theory, 2003-03-31--2003-04-04 2003-03-30
Chuan-Jie Zhu(ITP, CAS): Perturbative String Theory, 2002-11-04--2002-11-20 2002-11-03
Ming Yu(ITP, CAS): Conformal Field Theory, 2002-10-10--2002-10-26 2002-10-09